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Off-Duty Employment

With oversight from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, the Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff’s Association provides off-duty uniformed deputies for security and traffic control details. Each detail or job is first screened by an off-duty coordinator to ensure that it is within Sheriff’s Office policy. The detail also receives additional screening at a later date by the respective division commander or designee at the Sheriff’s Office. 
Per Sheriff’s Office policy, off-duty deputies will not be allowed to work in an off-duty capacity for any employer or detail that is contradictory to the mission, vision and values of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. To that end we will not dispatch details to our deputies at businesses or venues where the primary function is the sale of liquor or marijuana. Additionally, we will not dispatch jobs or details in a situation that may lead to a conflict of interest on the deputy’s or the part of the Sheriff’s Office as a whole. 

Sheriff’s Deputies dispatched to off-duty security or traffic control jobs are not authorized to enter into a secondary hold harmless agreement with individual employers or businesses. Additionally, deputies are only allowed to provide uniformed law enforcement, security and traffic control services as allowed by Sheriff’s Office policy. Deputies are not authorized by the Sheriff to enforce private rules set by private parties or associations. 

Deputies dispatched to an off-duty detail will be uniformed and drive their issued county vehicle. Exceptions may be made to this at the discretion of the Sheriff’s Office or the off-duty job coordinator. The individual employers shall not have the ability to waive the use of the county-issued car and shall be required to pay the below listed vehicle usage fee.

The rates are based on the detail (Security vs Traffic Control). Contact offduty@snoco.org for specifics.

All fees are at a per hour rate. The hourly security, traffic control and administration fees are charged at a minimum of four hours per job or detail, per deputy. (Example; if a deputy is dispatched to a security detail that only lasts from noon to 2 PM, the off-duty employer will still be required to pay the deputy a minimum of four hours, plus the per hour administration fee and vehicle usage fee.) 

The vehicle usage fee is required by Sheriff’s Office policy. This fee will be charged at an hourly rate of $4.56 for all jobs or details. 

Short notice details may be scheduled at the discretion of the off-duty coordinator. Short notice is routinely defined as any job scheduled with less than 2-days (48 hours) notice. A $100 per deputy assigned late notice fee may be charged for and late notice job. This fee will be charged at the discretion of the off-duty coordinator. 


The off-duty coordinator will provide each off-duty employer regular invoices reflecting the hours worked and the deputies assigned to each individual detail. The required method of payment is by check remitted directly to the deputy. The employer will then be responsible to forward the remaining administration and vehicle usages fees to the off-duty job coordinator. 


To schedule an off-duty deputy for a job or detail or to gather information regarding off-duty work, the employer must contact the SCDSA Off-Duty Coordinator, Detective Brandon Liukko at (425) 231-0235 or by e-mail at offduty@snoco.org.

Off-duty details or jobs are initially screened by the off-duty coordinator. During the screening process the coordinator must collect all required billing and contact information from the employer and review Sheriff’s Policy as it relates to the job or detail with the employer. During the screening process the coordinator will determine the appropriate number of deputies to be assigned to the job or detail in compliance with Sheriff’s Office policy. After screening the job for policy compliance, the coordinator should notify interested deputies and sergeants.

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