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Olympia Week 14
Posted On: Apr 22, 2013
Week 14, April 15 - 19, 2013

April 17th was the opposite House cutoff for policy bills.  House bills in the Senate and Senate bills in the House had to pass off the floors of the respective chambers prior to the deadline in order to become law this session. Bills that have amendments added in the opposite chamber are placed on a concurrence calendar and are still eligible for final passage.

Several WACOPS supported policy bills that met the deadline on the final day and are on the way to the Governor for signature include:

HB 1613 – Creating a CJTC firing range account
SB 5264 – Flash bang transportation and storage
SB 1868
LEOFF catastrophic medical

WACOPS tracking list showing the status of all bills is available here.

SB 5591, exempting confidential driver licenses and plates from public disclosure finally passed the House on April 16th. Representatives that voted no: Condotta (R-12), Kretz (R-7), Overstreet (R-42), Pike (R-18), Scott (R-39), Shea (R-4), Short (R-7), Taylor (R-15). Because of pending public disclosure requests that would have forced the release of the names and identities of undercover officers, this bill took on a sense of urgency. We owe special thanks to Representatives Sullivan, Van de Wage, Hayes, and Hope for assisting with the passage of this bill. The House amended SB 5591 and it went back to the Senate for concurrence this morning. The bill has an emergency clause and will go into effect upon signature of the Governor.

We have previously explained that NTIB (necessary to implement the budget) bills are exempt from cutoff deadlines. Senator Bailey (R-10) introduced an exempt bill, SB 5916 on April 17th and the Senate Ways & Means Committee held a hearing yesterday. This bill was dropped in response to the series of articles about the LEOFF 1 plan run by the Associated Press. SB 5916 has three major components:

A work group is established to form a voluntary risk pool to share the noninsured retiree medical costs of long-term care and major medical services for LEOFF 1 members.

A new process is set up through DRS for employers and employees to appeal any disability board decision to grant or to deny coverage for requested medical services.

Another version of the excess compensation bills that we have previously seen by Senator Bailey. This version defines excess compensation to include any increases in the compensation used to calculate a retirement allowance that exceeds 125 percent of the person's reportable compensation from the prior salary averaging period, where the increase is the result of payments for overtime, bonuses, cashouts of any form of leave, or lump-sum payments. Employers must pay the difference in pension calculations. Ironically, this section of the bill applies to every state pension system except LEOFF 1.

WACOPS signed in as opposed to this bill and Jamie Daniels testified at the hearing with our concerns. A summary of the hearing was published in the Kitsap Sun, Wash. worker reps question proposed pension rules.

The legislature has nine days left of the regular session and these will be spent negotiating the 2013-1015 Operating, Capital, and Transportation budgets. WACOPS will be on the hill continuing to support our priorities for funding and watching for any new legislation that would affect law enforcement officers. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Be safe!

Jamie Daniels - 360.481.1312 | Lee Reaves - 360.402.4591

Vote to Help a Fellow WACOPS Member

Click here to Vote for Jonah!

'Like' the Vote for Jonah facebook page!

Fellow Members,

Below is a short write up from a co-worker of mine at Everett PD, Sgt. Phil Erickson & his wife Debbie, wherein they are requesting our assistance in on-line voting for their disabled son, Jonah, with a fast approaching deadline of May 10th. You can vote everyday from different devices. If multiple officers try and vote from their department's computer system, it will tell them they already voted because they are on the same IP address for that day. They will have to vote from home or a smart phone.  Please use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get the word out as well. Please share with all your members, friends, and family. It costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time for each vote and it will be very much appreciated.

Sincerely & Respectfully, Dave Osman

We are seeking the media and public’s help for Mobility Awareness Month.  Our 4 yr old son Jonah has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 (SMA). This is a progressive muscle wasting disease that causes him to have respiratory and swallowing issues, along with not being able to walk, crawl or sit unsupported. His bones are brittle from not bearing weight and his joints are lax, dislocated and cause some pain.  He is a complete joy to his mother, father and five brothers and siblings.  We are in desperate need of a handicap van to transport his power chair so he has a sense of freedom and independence in public.  At this point we have to move him from his wheelchair to a car seat which causing him discomfort and pain.
We have entered a contest called mobility awareness month that provides us an opportunity to win a handicap van that will allow us to transport his chair.  We have entered this contest a little late and need all the votes we can get every day through May 10th.  Over 900 hundred people are now entered in this contest across the United States and Canada in which they are giving away only 3 vans.  The link to Jonah’s page can be found here.
We would appreciate any help you can provide.  
Philip and Debbie Erickson

Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs

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Lee Reaves, Lobbyist
Lynn Jacobs, Office Manager
Mike Bogatay, Communications


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The Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs is a professional organization that has protected the rights and quality of life for sworn law enforcement officers before the Washington State Legislature for more than 50 years.

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May 22, 2018
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